+3dB Records

Golden Serenades


John Hegre  •  electronics
Jørgen Træen  •  electronics
Sigbjørn Apeland  •  organ

Since their start-up in 1999, John Hegre and Jørgen Træen aka Golden Serenades have persuaded the noble art of instrument dismantling and destruction. Through performances and installations the duo has created a long series of sonic havoc, making them one of the leading acts within the noise genre in Europe.

GS got attention from the national press following a performance in 2007 where they crushed guitars valued at $5000. The performance was sponsored by official funding and the liberalist Knut Haavik in the board of culture deemed the whole act ”horrendous” and ”waste of tax payers money”. The concert was held up as an example of “unnecessary culture” by the far-right Progress Party throughout their political campaign.

John Hegre is half the brain behind Jazzkammer (sometimes Jazkammer) and a prominent guitarist in ensembles like Der Brief, Rehab and Noxagt. Since the late 80s he has worked with live music, installations and studio work with a long list of collaborators that includes Lasse Marhaug, Merzbow, Maja Ratkje, Fransisco Lopez and MoHa!

Jørgen Træen works regularly with Jazzkammer, the retro-cartoon-pop outfit Toy and the free improv noise unit Der Brief. Træen has also released several solo albums as Sir Duperman - including a remix album of Jazzkammer "hits". Following this success Træen went on to produce a series of top selling Norwegian pop acts (Sondre Lerche, Jaga Jazzist). He is also involved in the pop/electronica unit House of Hiss.

Sigbjørn Apeland is a performer par excellence on the organ and a credited researcher. His work often borders between contemporary music, church music, folk music and improvisation. He has a long standing working relationship to fiddle player Nils Økland and singer Berit Opheim.










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