+3dB Records



John Hegre  •  guitar and electronics
Bjørnar Habbestad  •  flute and electronics

John Hegre and Bjørnar Habbestad are long time collaborators in live-situations around different projects from the N-Collective. Rehab is their preferred vehicle for brutalist noise impro. In live situations they work with a traditional physical approach to noise performance, but in the studio they transform the energy of the moment into layers of rebuilt and recomposed materials. Rehab has put together a rare sound holding subtleties inspired by electro-acoustic music as well as real time musicianship.

John Hegre is half of Jazkammer and the latest addition to Noxagt. His guitar and sound work is heard on numerous releases both solo and in collaboration with Maja Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug, Der Brief, Kaptein Kaliber and others.

Bjørnar Habbestad is a third of Pho, a fourth of Lemur and a founding member of the N-Collective. He performs all over Europe as a soloist and in a wide range of ensembles of contemporary and experimental music.








”In the skilled hands of these men there is (…) a fine balance, a thin thread between 'loud' and 'soft', between 'noise' and 'onkyo'.”  Vital Weekly

”A noise record with  great variety and a sound spectrum out of the ordinary.” Bergens Tidende

”An effective opening shot from the pair that manages to be both manic, atmospheric and often very rewarding.” Music Machine

”Particularly striking and very attractive.” - Radio France

”Hard pieces of industrial noise and more subtle, long drawn-out quieter moments provide a nice build.” Ruis



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