+3dB Records


Recording the grain

+3DB003 • 2008

“Recording the grain” is a full-bodied and mature presentation of Office-R(6)´s highly personal take on improvisation. Their blend of tight ensemble playing and precise use of electronics bring out the best of both worlds. As the group fuses ideals from composition with the art of improvisation they create a vivid session of electro-acoustic gymnastics ready to bring music to the next level of engagement.

The improvisations of OR(6) are all based on an expanding catalogue of structures that define different elements of each piece. Their live-approach was brought into the STEIM studio and performed live, ensuring that this hyperactive collision of prepared and intuitive elements would not  rule out the human touch and the quality of split-second decision making.

Koen Nutters  •  bass, structure
Robert van Heumen  •  laptop (LiSa)
Jeff Carey  •  laptop (Super Collider)
Sakir Oguz Buyukberber  •  bass clarinet
Dirk Bruinsma  •  soprano and baritone sax
Morten J Olsen  •  percussion

Recorded at STEIM by Jeff Carey, mixed by Morten J.Olsen, mastered by Bjørnar Habbestad








  • No tones around two (STR1+3)
  • Gold part II (STR5)
  • Split breath ending (STR1)
  • The repeats (STR1A)
  • Available sources (EX1)




”Seismic subtle and eminently contemporary." Musique Reaction

”A fascinating experience of small sounds, milliseconds-interaction and genuine understanding of timing. (...) creates intense excitement.” Bergens Tidende

”Acoustic and electronic meet up in a great way (...) Hectic, nervous, intense. Highly demanding and highly rewarding music.” Vital Weekly

”Like a puzzle or an impressionistic painting, the listener needs to step a few steps back to see the picture.” Goddeau